English summary

Sweden is facing the challenge of doubling the house building volume by 2025 (Boverket). How we handle this challenge will have crucial consequences for urban development. Without broad reinforcements of competence a fast escalation of house building, necessary for reaching this goal, might lead to long term negative effects such as poorer house standards, greater segregation, and negative climate and environmental impacts.


It is therefore of prime importance that society join forces by developing inclusive and efficient urban development processes. There is a strong need to involve more and new actors and citizens in early planning phases. This puts high demands on competence for leading these integrated processes aiming for creating a multitude of co-created initiatives.


Decode´s unique constitution of researchers and specialists meet this challenge by developing a key part of urban development process steering, designed to be utilised:


  1. within the framework of Citylab a national forum for sharing know ledge around sustainable development
  2. freely by municipalities, developers, real estate managers, with different pre-conditions.

Decode develops supporting planning processes based on cross-sectoral collaboration between different divisions within municipalities, private sector and academia, and where citizens and local actors engage actively.


Herein lies the potential of innovation in the sense that Decode departures from local conditions in each individual project at the same time as these projects are managed by qualitative and inclusive goal-steering to ensure sustainable development and to avoid only sticking to standard solutions. A sharing culture, which gives social, economic and ecological benefits.